With its scientific and historic value Peter Tranteev’s collection of cave speleothems is one the most prominent among the collections stored at the "Earth and Man" National Museum. Peter Tranteev is a very well-known name in the Bulgarian speleology. He spent more than 45 years of scientific research and mapping of caves, as well as collecting and processing the cave mineral samples. The cave pearls were his favorite scientific research topic, which he pursued with astonishing dedication, perseverance, precision and the gift of a natural born researcher.

Peter Tranteev’s collection was donated to the "Earth and Man" National Museum in 1987 by his sons Bojan and Martin Tranteev. It has been presented in the Morphology of Cave Speleothems exhibition and a catalogue of the collection has been issued with financial support from the 13 Centuries of Bulgaria National Endowment Fund.

Колекция "Трантеев"/ Tranteev Collection
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