On the 19th of June, every year since it's foundation till today Earth and Man National Museum celebrates its Feast – Day of the Donator. The date is not chosen by chance – on this day in 1987 the Museum is opened for visitors and in fact, it was created namely because of a Donation.

In 1985 Bulgarian immigrant donated to the 13 Centuries Bulgaria National Fund his unique collection of giant crystals with the only condition the collection to be “... to be exhibited in my motherland indivisible and on the place appropriate to its scientific and cultural value”.

Thus the collection is settled in the building of the former Sofia Arsenal. Becoming collection home and thanks to its new function the building itself was also saved from demolition.

Over the years the Giant Crystals collection was enriched with new valuable exponents and today the exhibition represents minerals from continents. To the Museum funds by Bulgarian scientists, collectors and intellectuals, mining enterprises and organizations are also donated many scientific collections.

For just over 30 years Earth and Man National Museum became a place for preservation, exploring and popularization of the Mineral wealth of the World and Bulgaria.

But without its donators, the Museum, however, will not be able to implement in such good manner one of its main functions – extending and enrichment of its expositions and scientific collections.

Because of that on the traditional ceremony on the Day of the Donator, which taken place in the Giant Crystals hall were handed – as a sign of acknowledgment and gratitude – were handed certificates for the donations made during the year and also the diplomas for the volunteers who participated pro bono in the events organized by the Museum.

Many of the donators shared that they were preparing new gifts for the Museum – meteorite collections, scientific works and publications for the Museum's Library, rare minerals collections. Donations were made even during the Ceremony.

Donator N 1000 - “Meteorites” Ltd. received a unique plaque with the Museum logo.

The guest was congratulated with musical performances of classical works given by Dunja Salic and Kaloyan Vassilev – laureates of the “The Music and the Earth” International Contest which has been taking place in the Museum for 26 years.

Donated exponents, as well as the specimens discovered and brought by the Museum's curators from the scientific expeditions in Serbia and Greece, can be seen in the Temporary Exhibition “New Acquisitions”.

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