New acquisitions exhibition

Traditionally on June 19th - the Day of the donor NM "Earth and Man" opens a temporary exhibition, which presented new revenues, from the previous year. Emphasis this year was donated by the National Endowment Fund "13 Centuries Bulgaria" - a large collection of precious and decorative stones. Thanks to exhibition "Gems" of the museum is enriched with charoite and jade vases; faceted amethyst and citrine; jewelry with diamond, ruby, sapphire, rock crystal, carnelian, chrysoprases and others. Some of these materials will be provided to regional and urban history museums in the country for the purpose of their exposures.
In a separate showcase presented their own duties of employees of the museum silver ores from the ancient mines of Lavrion, Greece. Other new offerings are exhibited - lepidolite and tourmaline from Mozambique, emerald from Brazil, raw materials from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and many others.
In 2012 the family of world renowned mineralogist and inventor Prof. Ivan Kirilov Bonev provide his scientific collection to museum. The donation includes 521 units of mineral samples from 36 localities in Bulgaria and abroad, as well as the personal archive - field notebooks, manuscripts, research notes, geological and mineralogical schemes. Due to the great interest in a showcase are shown part of the mineral samples object of study of the eminent scientist Prof. Bonev.