Scientific Library

The library is established in 1988 with a donation of 143 books. Currently there are more than 10 600 library items: over 5 200 monographs, Bulgarian and foreign specialized periodicals, scientific publications, geological maps, etc.

The library includes the following collections: “Geology”, “Mineralogy”, “Crystallography”, “Petrology”, “Economic Geology and Raw Material Deposits”, “Applied Geology and Geophysics”, “Mines and Metallurgy”, “Ecology and Sustainable Development”, and “Museology”. The magazines “Lapis” and “Geology and Mineral Resources” are also available to visitors of the library.

Since 2011, the library has been a member of the Scientific Libraries Department of the Bulgarian Library and Informational Association.

The list of library donators includes a number of popular scholars: Acad. Jovco Jovchev, Prof. Nikolay Jordanov, Prof. Hristo Spasov, Prof. Maria Zeliazkova-Panajotova, Prof. Ivan Bonev, Associated Prof. Michail Maleev, Eng. Emanuil Maksimov, Eng. Majrovich, Prof. Ivan Nachev, Eng. Ivan Petrov, etc. Some considerable donations have come from Library of St. Petersburg Mining Institute, Mineralogy museum “A. E. Fersman“ of Moscow, “Gorubso“, 13 Centuries of Bulgaria National Endowment Fund, “Granit“ Printing House of Prague and others.

Section “Speleology” is established with the donation of the private library of Aleksey Zhalov, chairman of the Bulgarian Speleology Society.